Kunsthaus Zürich

The Kunsthaus Zürich

The Kunsthaus Zürich is a place for living encounters with art.
The Kunsthaus is committed to artistic freedom. It is independent and open to all.

The Kunsthaus Zürich operates under the aegis of the Zürcher Kunstgesellschaft, Europe’s oldest art association. Founded by artists in 1787, it has won international acclaim since the early 20th century thanks to a combination of ongoing exhibitions and an important collection of art. With support from the public purse as well as partners, sponsors and donors, it is dedicated to the continuous expansion of its collection and a diverse exhibition programme.

The Kunsthaus is a dynamic institution: it proceeds from current issues to shed light on historic developments, and promotes art appreciation through the selection and presentation of artworks and the dissemination of learning about art. The Kunsthaus is a site of knowledge production where key topics are broached and showcased in the company of the latest scholarship. In a world that is increasingly interconnected, it opens the door to other cultures. Expansion into the virtual realm presents opportunities that are grasped and exploited to the full.

The Kunsthaus is ready to meet the challenges of the future. David Chipperfield’s Kunsthaus extension, due to be completed in 2020, will offer an environment for the museum’s work that meets the exacting demands of today’s audiences. The new building will create space for modern and contemporary art and the masterpieces of Impressionism, allowing for the long-term integration of donations and endowments and more efficient management of exhibitions. It will also be a venue for a broad spectrum of events, a variety of art education programmes, a diverse range of gastronomic offerings and state-of-the-art visitor services. Together, these will further strengthen the museum’s national and international reputation and take the Kunsthaus Zürich model successfully into the future.

Patrons and Partners