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Do you visit the Kunsthaus?

There’s seldom more to see at the Kunsthaus than now: Four exhibitions at the same time! The collection’s masterpieces in their new presentation. Generous gifts and precious new long-term loans have joined the collection. In the Bührle Gallery ‘EUROPE. THE FUTURE OF HISTORY‘ awaits you - a most topical exhibition that spikes curiosity and raises either approval or disapproval, and which thus is as Europe itself is. How did artists from 1870 and how do artists today view the Europe project, and why does the positive predominate over skepticism? Take your time for a tour which our younger visitors in particular are enthusiastic about and make all sorts of discoveries.

Make an excursion into ‘SENSE UNCERTAINTY’: A private collection shown for the first time comprehensively which was assembled by a film director with a critical objectifying eye who does not hide his passion for sensuality and touches on the existential themes of being human, corporality and our sexuality, and its many facets . . .

In terms of Kunsthaus classics we move on to the historic galleries of our collection. We open a chapter of the ‘GOLDEN AGE’ of Dutch art and celebrate a première with forty precious cabinet oeuvres entrusted to the Kunsthaus by a private connoisseur. And just a few steps further we have the accrochage of the most beautiful Dutch cloud paintings from our collection, enhanced by exquisite paintings on loan from the Bührle collection.

Do you remember the cult movies such as ‘Hairspray’ by the American cult film director and master of trash ‘JOHN WATERS. HOW MUCH CAN YOU TAKE?’ We accepted the original present of This Brunner, a film enthusiast and collector from Zürich, with great pleasure: More than forty pieces of the artist and filmmaker John Waters, whose humor was famous just as it was infamous, will join the Kunsthaus and will be shown together for the first time. A performance with cult status by and with John Waters himself will take place on September 23rd in the Lecture Hall. Order your tickets now!

Last but not least: The impressionists and classic modernist masterworks are back after their tour of Japan and are freshly displayed. For example the Monet Gallery is now enhanced by a waterlily painting from the Bührle Collection and thus displays a masterful triptych. Or see the gallery dedicated entirely to paintings by Marc Chagall from all his creative periods. Or revisit the freshly arranged galleries dedicated to Alberto Giacometti - the largest public collection of his works.

We are in the midst of preparations for a large exhibition about Joan Miró which we will show you starting in early October. And when you come to the Kunsthaus, take a look at the other side of Heimplatz. The construction site for the large extension project by David Chipperfield is being prepared. The construction work has already started!

Until soon in the Kunsthaus,
Yours Christoph Becker

Christoph Becker
Photo © Severin Jakob
Christoph Becker
Photo © Severin Jakob