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‘Can we afford that?’

In the last months, we received many inquiries pertaining to the appeal of the Lucerne-based foundation Stiftung Archicultura against the Kunsthaus extension project and many reveal themselves concerned about the present situation.

It is increasingly difficult to explain why the construction start of David Chipperfield’s extension has been delayed for two years after having won the popular vote and the approval of the design plans. It is obviously clear to all involved in the appeal: this delay in the realization of the project – due to a tardy objection of the building permit – impacts the Kunsthaus Zürich in a massive way.

There is the danger that not only potent financial backers and donors, but also important collectors turn away from Zurich and establish themselves elsewhere.  Already existing contracts are jeopardized unnecessarily and our decade-long intensive work in this realm is put on the line.

So far the appeal has caused a lot of expenses which continue to accrue weekly. This money, which comes primarily from the taxpayer, might be heartily missed by the Kunsthaus in the end. And this even though the public as well as the private financial support has been secured! Furthermore, the ongoing procedures damage the reputation of Zurich’s image as city of culture – not only with respect to the other Swiss cities, but also in the international arena. Can we really afford that?

We are glad that we can count on you – quite literally. Come visit us in the Kunsthaus and celebrate the centennial existence of the Graphic Collection with rarely seen treasures of works on paper.
And become inspired by Japanese art – as did van Gogh, Cézanne, Gauguin and Monet.

We look forward to your visit!
Heartfelt greetings
Your Kunsthaus Zürich

Christoph Becker
Photo © Severin Jakob
Christoph Becker
Photo © Severin Jakob