Kunsthaus Zürich

Collection Profile

The Paintings and Sculptures collection comprises works from the Middle Ages to the present day, with particular strengths in selected epochs. Publications provide an overview of the collections and their history. In addition to older art (above all Dutch and Italian Baroque painting), the Kunsthaus has large and significant holdings of Swiss art from the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries, especially Fuseli, Böcklin, Segantini, Hodler and Vallotton. Thanks to the permanent presence of the Alberto Giacometti Foundation, the work of Alberto Giacometti can be shown in all its facets.

A focus of the international holdings is French art of the 19th century, with outstanding groups of works by the Impressionists and Post-Impressionists selectively complemented by loans from private collectors. Classical Modernism is represented with key pieces; the collection contains important groups of works by Munch, Chagall, Kokoschka, Matisse and Picasso. The Dada collection is among the largest worldwide, while sculpture of the late 19th century is broadly represented, with work by Rodin and Maillol, as is the 20th century. All of the important schools of recent international art are included, in particular American Pop Art and Abstraction; there are also extensive collections of works by Cy Twombly and Josef Beuys.
Painting from the latter half of the 20th century is highlighted by groups of works by Baselitz, Polke and Kiefer. The collection has recently received substantial additions in the genres of painting, video and installation, including works from Eastern Europe and the Middle East. All new acquisitions are regularly documented in the Kunstgesellschaft’s annual reports.

The Kunsthaus Zürich traditionally works with foundations and private lenders that make works of art available as permanent loans. Such partnerships contribute over the medium and long term to the high quality of the collection and its international reputation. Among the foundations located at the Kunsthaus are the Betty and David Koetser Foundation, the Ruzicka Foundation, the Werner and Nelly Bär Foundation, the Alberto Giacometti Foundation and others; there are also ensembles of works from private collections, as well as the Foundation E.G. Bührle Collection and the Fondation Hubert Looser, which will be integrated into the Kunsthaus extension.