Kunsthaus Zürich


The Kunsthaus has been mounting temporary exhibitions for more than a century. They aim to enhance understanding of art in all its complexity, to explore its place in the history of ideas, and to offer original insights. The quality of an exhibition results from the interplay of the thematic focus and its visual presentation. An institution’s cultural significance and long-term appeal stand and fall with the ability of its exhibitions and collection presentations to disseminate knowledge.

Every year, the Kunsthaus Zürich holds an average of three exhibitions in the Great Exhibition Hall, three medium-sized shows, and three cabinet or dossier exhibitions. The medium and long-term programme is drawn up by the curators in close collaboration with the exhibition organizers. Monographic and thematic exhibitions in the Great Exhibition Hall are given particular weight in the overall budget, in large part due to high and increasing insurance premiums for loans. Without additional funds from partners and sponsors, the Kunsthaus would be unable to implement its exhibition programme.

Exhibition activities are linked as closely as possible with the collection. Presentations range in topic from the late 18th century to the 21st and include experimental shows alongside classical formats. Exhibitions outside this spectrum may also be staged at less frequent intervals. Thanks to a wide variety of collaborations with international museums, the Kunsthaus is able to participate in the worldwide exchange of loans and projects. With a view to enhancing its reputation as a dependable partner, great importance is attached to the quality of the services provided, as well as excellence in the content and aesthetic aspects of all productions.