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It is in leaps and bounds that we are approaching an extraordinary exhibition season. After the exciting and controversial Cindy Sherman exhibition we will be setting up another major event for you. For the first time since a quarter century Egon Schiele, who marks the beginning of the Viennese Modern Movement, will be featured in our large Bührle gallery and this together with the British artist Jenny Saville. Parallel to this there will be a show of works by Ferdinand Hodler from our surprisingly well-endowed collection interplaying with a series of pictures by the contemporary painter Jean-Frédéric Schnyder for which we could engage the artist Peter Fischli as guest curator. This handsome (and space-demanding) project was made possible not lastly because a part of the Kunsthaus collection will be on view in Tokyo and Kobe for a few months! Our staff is already busily at work on the big exhibition on Japan and Impressionism that will follow in the winter.

With respect to a different topic we have a standstill rather than action: After having won the popular vote allowing for the extension of the Kunsthaus, we were planning to celebrate groundbreaking with you, when, this summer, we were unfortunately obliged to temporarily put our projected extension on hold because of an appeal by the Lucerne-based foundation Archicultura and an ensuing law suit. You can learn more about this in our article in the latest edition of the Kunsthaus-Magazin.

The number of members in the Kunstgesellschaft is pleasingly high and each new membership delights us. You are all welcome and contribute to our success.

Until soon in the Kunsthaus. We look forward to welcoming you!
Yours, Christoph Becker

Director Christoph Becker
Director Christoph Becker