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Ups and Downs

It has now been two years since the popular vote and still there is nothing happening at Heimplatz. The Kunsthaus extension project of David Chipperfield, which had been accepted together with its design plan in November 2012, has received national and international attention and representatives of the Kunsthaus and members of the Association of Friends of the Museum are asked always more and more frequently how far along the construction has progressed. One can imagine: embarrassing silence is de rigueur in light of the current situation. The citizens of Zurich were all for it and the design plans were approved without contradiction, and the financing, including the private financing, had been secured entirely. But nothing can occur at Heimplatz with the exception of the building of enormous piles of debt. Due to a last minute appeal originating from Lucerne and an involved court proceeding, our project is in a longstanding deadlock. That is not good and we hope that all this comes to an end swiftly so that we can finally get started on the project. We know we have many backers and it is also in the name of my colleagues on the board of trustees and in the Kunsthaus itself that I wish to thank you for your great support.
We’ll express our thanks with a smashing start in the new Heimplatz season.  Egon Schiele, so to say a superstar in art history, will be our guest in the great Bührle Hall and he will be in an exciting dialogue with the English artist Jenny Saville (*1970). At the same time, Ferdinand Hodler and Jean-Frédéric Schnyder will be on view in the historic Moser galleries. While around eighty of our oeuvres will have their great moment in Japan and Alberto Giacometti will be on view in Vienna, Javier Téllez will be featured in the temporarily vacated galleries of the Giacometti Foundation with all-encompassing installations. We will report on restoration projects of major works by Bonnard and Vallotton and you should not miss this year’s Bilderwahl-Ausstellung, this year’s Public Picture Selection exhibit “MonolithicWater” which starts in December. There will be some construction work after all: The imposing one hundred year-old roof of the Moser Building will undergo an involved restoration and remarkable scaffoldings will accompany us until the conclusion of the work in early 2015 – amazingly, though, allowing for completely normal programming underneath.
Come and visit us! Literally overrun us just as did the 8’000-strong crowd of mostly young people who visited the Kunsthaus during the Long Museum Night.

To all of you: Thank you for your continued enthusiasm and confidence in the Kunsthaus Zürich!
Yours, Christoph Becker

Director Christoph Becker
Director Christoph Becker