Kunsthaus Zürich

Cash Desk

Before the ring of the cash register bells

To work at the cash register implies finding pleasure in the contact with people.  Many foreign languages are used frequently and so with one visitor English is spoken, with the next French, and with the third one, one might be happy that Danish or Swedish is one’s own mother tongue.  During the weekends and during the large and well attended exhibitions the cashiers might serve as many as 1000 clients a day and therefore an inner calm and relaxedness are advantageous:  the cashiers might explain the content of the different ticket combinations or hand out acoustic guides, they might welcome school classes or inform about the different public workshops, and so on.  It is wonderful that all of our employees work on a part-time basis:  this means that upon returning after their other jobs as singers, actresses, students, psychologists and the like, they are reinvigorated by having pursued their main occupations and motivated to work in our finely-tuned team.  And so working “at the front” is an interesting challenge and can be viewed as a kind of schooling for life.
Gabriela Blumer Kamp

The work in the background is a bit less colorful than “at the front” with its many visitors from around the world, but it is just as challenging and exciting.  In this office we set up and record the different kinds of entrance tickets and we amend, adjust or supplement them to the different exhibits or events.  We distinguish between regular tickets to our permanent collection, tickets to the temporary exhibits and combination tickets.  Of course, within these three kinds of tickets there are many subclasses.  For example, there are the regular tickets, the reduced entrance tickets and the group tickets.  Further subdivisions relate to the different offers and visitor groups, for example for members of the press and members of artistic associations, for cultural workers and for people needy of social reductions, for school classes with reservations from the city of Zurich, the canton, as well as national and international ones.  Then there are special offers for RailAway trips, for the Migros Club School, workshops for children and adults, the Kunsthaus Night special events, public and private tours, membership programs and so on.  All in all there are more than 250 different kinds of tickets which are made up by different kinds of offers and visitor groups and which need to be recorded by the cash register operators.  The daily bookkeeping is controlled in the back office and all the different kinds of tickets issued each day are incorporated in a visitor statistic which reflects the variety of tickets, exhibits and events.  It is thus possible to review the current number of visitors per offer, the structure of the visitor body as well the sum of the revenues at any given moment. 
Martina Angst