Kunsthaus Zürich

Press and Public Relations

There is no such thing as an average day at the Kunsthaus!

07:45 Read the day’s newspapers
08.00 Work through e-mail
08.15 Discuss the day’s schedule/new developments with boss/colleagues
08:30 Enquiry about photo shoot in entrance hall
08:50 Draw up press conference
08:50 Answer visitor complaint
08:50 Meeting with graphic designer regarding layout of the Kunsthaus magazine
09.15 Put together press clippings
09.30 Edit press release
09.30 Update distribution list
10.00 Update online agenda
10.45 Forward enquiry about supervising thesis for course in cultural management
11.15 Reminder to journalists the date of press conference
11.15 Continue work on the text for the “Zurich Festival” programme
12.00 Lunch break/Sport
13.00 Discussion with sponsor
13.15 Place order for translation of press release
13.30 Approval to print of building plan for Collection/exhibitions
13.30 Clarify image rights
14.00 Team meeting/management meeting
14.30 Update database addresses journalists
14.30 Review layout for a poster
14.45 Check offers for new beamer
15.00 Second draft of agreement for media collaboration
15.00 Picture selection for Kunsthaus magazine. Texts for picture captions.
15.15 Accounts/budget settlement with exhibition organizer
15.30 Make appointment for background discussion with building commission about the Kunsthaus extension
15.30 Reminder to colleagues of delivery deadline homepage text
16.00 Draft programme concept for the open house
16.00 Coffee break
16.15 Change places of poster advertisement
16.15 Send press documentation
16.15 Update advertisement for the brochure “Association of the Museums of Zurich”
16.30 Feedback to sponsor
16.45 Check junk mail
17.15 Update homepage
17.30 Give an interview
17.45 Update budget communication Kunsthaus extension
......... Tying up of loose end
......... Brainstorming
......... Briefing photographer for vernissage
From left to right: Nicole Behnke, Björn Quellenberg (head), Kristin Steiner
Photo © Markus Bühler
From left to right: Nicole Behnke, Björn Quellenberg (head), Kristin Steiner
Photo © Markus Bühler