Kunsthaus Zürich

2009 / 2010

Kunsthaus Extension - Design plans available to the public
The design plans for the Kunsthaus Zürich extension project are available to the public for public debate from November 10th until January 24th 2011. After this procedure, eventual objections will be collected, processed and incorporated in a report for the city council.

Creation of the Foundation for the Advancement of the Kunsthaus Extension
The Zürcher Kunstgesellschaft has committed itself to contributing CHF 75 million in private funds to the Kunsthaus Extension, to which end it has created a foundation for the collection of donations. Its purpose: booking incoming funds, supervising their use in keeping with statutes – exclusively to finance the Extension – and ensuring the provision to donors of all tax advantages associated with donating to the Foundation. President of the Foundation Board is Franz J. Kessler, Attorney at Law.
The first phase will involve accepting major donations from foundations and business enterprises.

Zurich communal council approves increase of planning credit of 11,5 million francs
The expansion project of the Kunsthaus Zurich has cleared a major hurdle: on 14.04.2010 with 99 to 3 votes the city parliament sanctioned the increase for the project credit from 6.5 million to 18 million francs as requested by the city council. This amount is earmarked for detailed cost estimates, documentation required for  the construction permit, and for the elaboration of the concept plans.

Project Partnership formed for Kunsthaus Expansion
On the 27th of October, at the conclusion of the architectural competition for the Kunsthaus Zürich expansion, the organizing committee of the expansion project restructured itself into a simple project partnership.  Partners and hence principals are the city of Zurich, the association Zürcher Kunstgesellschaft (ZKG) and the foundation Stiftung Zürcher Kunsthaus (SZK).
With the establishment of the Project Partnership for the Kunsthaus Expansion (Einfache Gesellschaft Kunsthaus Erweiterung, EGKE), the public and private partners of the Kunsthaus Zurich Expansion Project have set up an organization which is to assist in the project's beginning phases.  Having set the goal of realizing the expansion at the Heimplatz, the EGKE will develop the private design plans, will secure the financing and will oversee the construction project, as well as being in charge of public relations and outreach.

More open, greener, better. The winning project after revision.
David Chipperfield’s winning design for the Kunsthaus extension has been optimized in line with the jury’s recommendations for its function within the fabric of the city as a whole, and with regard to its internal organization. The revision addresses all of the recommendations made by the jury. The partners and future principals of the Kunsthaus extension – the Zürcher Kunstgesellschaft, the city of Zurich and the Stiftung Zürcher Kunsthaus – have now been presented with a better project, greener and more open: in a word, feasible. At the end of October the partners will establish a project corporation.