Kunsthaus Zürich

Rules for filming and photographing

To receive permission to film or photograph please complete and sign the following form and return it via fax to us.

Application form (pdf)

Formulaire d'inscription (pdf)

Formulario di iscrizione (pdf)    
Exhibitions may only be filmed or photographed for journalistic purposes directly related to the exhibition in question.
The collection may be photographed for personal use.


Kunsthaus Zurich
attn. Mr Björn Quellenberg
Winkelwiese 4
8024 Zurich
Fax: +41 (0)44 253 84 33


Kunsthaus Zurich
attn. Ms Cécile Brunner
Winkelwiese 4
8024 Zurich
Fax: +41 (0)44 253 84 33

Rules for filming and photographing in the Kunsthaus Zurich

For reasons of conservation and to avoid damage to works of art the following rules must be strictly adhered to:   

  1. All light sources must be equipped with protective devices.  
  2. The distance between the lamp tripod and the exhibition object must be at least 2.5 metres at all times. However, the distance may under no circumstances be less than the height of the tripod including lamp.  
  3. The period of lighting must be restricted to the time required for exposure measurement and filming. During pauses between filming, set-up periods and while repositioning, lamps must be turned off.  
  4. For work on paper, indirect, diffuse light and highly sensitive film material must be used.  
  5. Under no circumstances may a work of art be touched. Any request for a change of location must be communicated to the supervisory attendant accompanying the team. Works of art may only be moved by people specifically instructed to do so by the Restorations department.  
  6. Transport material is to be placed in the care of the supervisory attendant.  
  7. The general Kunsthaus rules apply (no use of mobile phones in exhibition rooms etc.)

Adherence to these security regulations will be monitored by an employee of the Kunsthaus.