Kunsthaus Zürich

Online catalogue

The online catalog contains the whole collection of the library.


For each journal title available volumes and issues are listed individually.

Own publications

All titles published by Kunsthaus Zürich and Zürcher Kunstgesellschaft can be found in the library catalogue.

Collection dadaism

Books, journals, photographs, single sheets and letters which are part of the collection dadaism at Kunsthaus Zürich can be found in the library catalogue. However drawings, prints, collages, paintings and sculptures do not belong to the collection of the library.

Ordered titles

The online catalogue also shows all titles ordered but not yet received.

Artist's letters

Within the project «Artist's Letters» currently letters, postcards and telegrams are catalogued individually which artists have sent to the Kunsthaus. The project is limited to items in the archive of the Kunsthaus Zürich and the Zürcher Kunstgesellschaft received between 1910 and 1949, the preriod when Wilhelm Wartmann was the director of the museum. The letters are catalogued in the library catalogue and e. g. can be found by the the names of the artists.

Items not yet catalogued

There are two parts of the library collection which haven't been catalogues completely yet:

  • auction catalogues acquired between 1930 and 1974
  • exhibitions catalogues acquired between 1910 and 1974

Both, the auction and the exhibitions catalogues are currently catalogued. More than fifty percent of the exhibiton catalogues can already be found in the library catalogue.