Kunsthaus Zürich

Online catalogue

The online catalog contains all media acquired since 1997. Older stocks can be found in the card catalog in the library.

However the following stocks are included in the online catalog completely:

  • journals (with detailed holdings data)
  • all publications of the Kunsthaus Zurich and the Zürich Art Society
  • the collection dadaism

Stocks acquired before 1997 are visible in the online catalog, if they have been borrowed once since then. In these cases, the following data is deisplayed:

main title, year of publication, order number, loan status

In the online catalog, all titles are also shown, which have been ordered but not yet arrived in the library.

Virtual catalogues

The catalog of the library can also be searched using one of the following virtual catalogs (gateways): offers a simultaneous search facility for major art libraries in Europe and North America.
The Swiss Virtual Catalog allows simultaneous searches in numerous Swiss libraries and union catalogs.
With a search in the Swiss Journals Portal it can be found out which library in Switzerland has holdings of a journal title.

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