Kunsthaus Zürich



Most of the books and journals can be borrowed home for up to three months.

Not for loan are the following stocks, which should be used in the reading room:

  • the reference library in the reading room
  • the current journal issues on display in the reading room
  • new acquisitions exhibited in the reading room
  • all items published before 1900
  • catalogues raisonnés and historical-critical editions,
  • videos, books with photographs or prints glued in,
  • fragile items, whose conservation status does not allow any further tension
  • libri rari

If you want to borrow books you need to register with the library. Pupils and students can register for free. All other persons can purchase a membership of the Zurich Art Society, which entitles for one year not only to borrow items from the library but also to visit all exhibitions in the Kunsthaus Zürich as often as one pleases.

Registration implies acceptance of the library's user regulations as well as the fees and charges. Persons under 18 will also require the signature of a parent or guardian by way of guarantee in the event of loss or damage to the library's resources.

Loan periods

The loan period for all kind of media is 30 days, it will be automatically extended for 60 days. During the loan extension period, the library may recall a work at any time and must then be returned within ten days.

After 90 days the loan period ends, and borrowed items must be brought back to the library. If there is no reservation the same item can be borrowed again. Renewals by telephone are not possible.


Whenever possible please return borrowed items at the circulation desk of the library. When the library is closed (e. g. in the evening or during the weekends) returns are also possible at the museum shop. In this case the return date will be the next working day of the library. Returning items by mail is possible at your own risk.

Reminder charges

Alle reminders are on a per item basis and will cumulate if more than one is necessary.

1. Reminder / recall

free of charge

2. Reminder

CHF 10.- / item

3. Reminder

CHF 25.- / item

Final return demand

CHF 50.- / item

Most of the books can be borrowed home for up to three month.
Most of the books can be borrowed home for up to three month.