Kunsthaus Zürich

Fees and charges

Membership of the Zurich Art Society

Individual membership

CHF 115,00 per year

Joint membership for couples living in the same household

CHF 195,00 per year

Junior membership (17 to 25 years of age)

CHF 30,00 per year

During the course of the year membership prices decrease monthly from April to September.

Reminder charges

1. Reminder|Recall

free of charge

2. Reminder

CHF 10,00 (per item)

3. Reminder

CHF 25,00 (additional per item)

Final return demand (incl. handling- and postal charges)

CHF 50,00 (additional per item)


a) Replacement cost of the book or value of the book

price incl. postage and packaging

or. value of the book

b) Administration charge

CHF 15,00

Replacement membership card

CHF 10,00


Copy or print A 4 or A 3 (self service)

CHF 0,20

Colour copy or print A 4 or A 3 (self service)

CHF 1,00

Scans A 4 or  A 3 (self service)

free of charge

Interlibrary loan for users


ab CHF 8,00 (prices of supplier)

Book loans Switzerland

ab CHF 10,00 (prices of supplier)

Book loans international

ab CHF 15,00 (prices of supplier)

Interlibrary loan for libraries

Copies and book loans Switzerland

free (on a mutual basis)
otherwise 1 IFLA voucher (full)

Copies and book loans international

1 IFLA voucher (full)

Direct order service

Charge per ordered title

CHF 10,00

Charge per page A 4 or A 3

CHF 0,50

Transmission by fax or email

CHF 10,00

By mail

Switzerland CHF 5,00 I international CHF 15,00

Invoice charge

CHF 5,00

Information services

Charge per hour research time

CHF 100,00 per hour