Kunsthaus Zürich

Interlibrary loan for users

As a user or users of the library of the Kunsthaus Zurich you can order publications from other libraries through interlibrary loan, that are neither in the library of the Kunsthaus Zurich nor in another library in the town of Zürich. Books borrowed from other libraries will be lent to you by the library of the Kunsthaus Zürich, journal articles will come as copies. The loan periods and any restrictions on access are based on the instructions of the owning library. Please note: The interlibrary loan service of the library is limited to titles in the field of art history. For other subjects the interlibrary loan services of the Central Library Zürich and the library of the ETH Zürich are available.


If you could not find a title in the Kunsthaus library, please check first whether the book or magazine is available in another Zurich library:

Network of libraries and information centers in Switzerland

If you can not find a title in any library in the town of Zürich, you can order it using our

Order form

Delivery charges and time

The cost of interlibrary loans can only roughly be listed here as the final amount depends on the prices of the supplying libraries:


from CHF 10.00

Loans from Swiss libraries

from CHF 10.00

Loans international

from CHF 20.00

The delivery time depends on the location of the supplying library. Orders from Swiss libraries arrive normally within two weeks.