Kunsthaus Zürich

Kunstfreunde Zürich

Kunstfreunde Zürich (Association of Friends), which was established in 1917, has the mission to promote visual arts through the acquisition of works of art which are given on permanent loan to the Kunsthaus to enhance and enlarge its collection. Thus in the past Kunstfreunde Zürich has been able to fill in numerous important gaps. The members of the association meet regularly at the Kunsthaus for vernissages (openings) and private guided tours or at specially designed excursions or trips. The members enjoy free entrance to the Kunsthaus Zurich and at collections of affiliated museums in Switzerland and abroad.

President: Gitti Hug

Contact person: Alexandra Koller Boskovski
Tel. +41 (0)44 253 84 79

Member contributions:
Junior member contribution (up to the age of 40 years): CHF 300.—
Yearly contribution: CHF 1‘400.—
Couples membership: CHF 2‘000.—

Life long membership: CHF 30‘000.—