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Félix Vallotton (DVD)

Félix Vallotton - Die Filme

Félix Vallotton - Maler gegen die Zeit Heinz Bütler (2005, 52')

Félix Vallotton - Ein Dialog Heinz Bütler (2005, 30')

Graphic designer, painter and writer Félix Vallotton (Lausanne 1865 – Paris 1925) cannot be classifed in any direction of art. Vallotton's Intérieurs, created at the turn of the century, were made without any precursor in the history of art. His portraits are pitiless psychological profiles of his models. The wood engravings, with which Vallotton had already become famous in early years, furiously settle the score with the lifestyle and ambitions of the upper class, whose yearnings and frustrations the artist was well acquainted with through his own experience.


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