Thomas Struth
Swiss Re Corporate responsibility
Paradise 1, Daintree/Australia, 1998
Paradise 1, Daintree/Australia, 1998 · C-Print, 225,5 x 179 cm · Kunsthaus Zürich
Grosse Sonnenblume - N° 4, Winterthur, 1991
Grosse Sonnenblume - N° 4, Winterthur, 1991 · C-Print, 84 x 66 cm · Achenbach Kunstberatung, Düsseldorf

Paradise In the mid-1990s Struth began scouring the earth for jungle settings, and his first eight ‘Pictures from Paradise’ were created in 1998 in the Daintree tropical rain forest in Australia. He went on to produce several works in Yunnan Province, China, in Yakushima, Japan, and, in 1999, in the woods of Bavaria. Struth considers the Paradise series his ‘most intuitive’ group of photographs, mainly the product of a painterly approach he himself ascribes to his years of experience with Tai Chi. When they were first shown in 1999, Struth titled them ‘New Pictures from Paradise’ in order to make clear that they were neither a botanical study nor a lament for a Paradise Lost. Rather, he was intrigued by the various modes of observation, contemplation and experience potentially evoked by the works, which he tends to present as an installation.