Thomas Struth
Swiss Re Corporate responsibility

With the success of his 'Museum Photographs’ in the early 1990s, Thomas Struth (born in 1954) saw his reputation consolidated as one of the world’s leading and most influential artistic photographers. Struth’s thematic series, completed over the course of decades, occupy the interstices between documentation and interpretation, between social study and latent psychological significance. The artist’s meticulous method allies his oeuvre not only with the history of classical photography but also – by constantly questioning his own representational techniques – with contemporary art as well. Following the retrospective’s tour of key US museums in 2002, the Kunsthaus Zürich in 2010 is to be the first stop for Struth’s maiden European survey exhibition before it continues to Düsseldorf, London and Porto. Comprising more than 100 pictures, the show offers a comprehensive overview of the artist’s work over the past three decades. Zurich will also play host to a group of heretofore unexhibited photographs. The show was organized by the Kunsthaus Zürich in collaboration with the Kunstsammlung Nordrhein-Westfalen, Düsseldorf.