On the Tracks of Marc Chagall

From Fraumünster to Kunsthaus
Marc Chagall Les lumieres du mariage
Marc Chagall, Les lumières du mariage (1945), Kunsthaus Zürich, ©Pro Litteris

During a 90-minute tour you’ll explore Marc Chagall’s fascinating artworks at two of Zurich’s main attractions. At Fraumünster, a reformed-protestant church and former abbey it’s the luminosity of colors of the five stained-glass windows from 1970 and of the rosette from 1978 in the transept.

During the short walk from Fraumünster to Kunsthaus, you’ll hear about the manifold connections this French artist of Russian-Jewish origin had with the wonderful town of Zurich on the banks of River Limmat.

At the Kunsthaus Collection you’ll experience Chagall’s multi-layered paintings that are influenced by his childhood in Witebsk, the rich language of Yiddish, his chassidic roots and the avantgarde of Paris.

The 90-minute tour includes a guided tour at Fraumünster (30 min.), a short city walk and a guided tour at the Kunsthaus Zürich. With Kerstin Bitar.

  • Meeting point: Main entrance Fraumünster
  • Places are limited. Registration required until 18.06.2019.
  • Cost: CHF 30.– / 25.– (students) / 20.– (members)


Image above: Ralph Feiner © Fraumünster