« I was impressed by collection of end XIX - beginning XX centuries » — Igor Krestnikov
« Great art but even better interiors that moved me :) » — Daniel Večeřa
« (Translated by Google) Visit not to be missed. So many masterpieces! (Original) Visita da non perdere. Tanti capolavori! » — Rossana Falcade
« A truly comprehensive and educational experience to visit this well maintained museum. They have everything from impressionist paintings to sculptures to interactive displays that discuss important issues such as climate change and migration. » — Saud Al-Thani
« We really enjoyed basic collection of paintings and sculptures today. » — Jim Dow
« There are various high-quality collections. You can find many paintings and sculptures from middle-age to modern era. Especially, Augusto Giacometti collection is one of the best. Moreover, there are numerous modern arts of Mondrien, Miro, and Magritte. » — Ku