Booklets on the collection


Pick up your copy of our booklets for kids at the cash desk.

One copy per child is free of charge.

Pens and supports to rest your work on are available to borrow.

‘Kunstspürnasen’ are booklets on various topics related to the Kunsthaus Collection. Packed with ideas for telling kids about art, viewing and interpreting it together, doing puzzles and being creative, they are a combination of picture book, painting book and diary.

With texts for children aged four to eight and their adult companions. Illustrations, tips and questions encourage children to observe and discuss as they look for clues in the original works. Please note that the ‘Kunstspürnasen’ booklets are only available in German.

Booklet 1: Animals

Join us on a journey of exploration through the collection! You’ll set off in a stage coach over the Gotthard Pass in hot pursuit of a jaguar, meet squirrels in all the colours of the rainbow and show a bird the way out of a labyrinth.

Booklet 2: Plants and things

Set your sails and gaze out to sea in the company of René Magritte’s apple. Let your imagination run riot and you’ll encounter blossoms made of toothpicks and trees made from pens, and ladle out a mysterious soup.

Booklet 3: Colours

On this journey of discovery through the centuries you’ll encounter genteel ladies in colourful costumes, lively balls and crazily patterned snakes. Can you find a dangerous yellow, a sweet red and a soft blue?

Booklet 4: Heaven and Earth

In your quest for gold you’ll dance with the clouds through wind and weather until you reach Claude Monet’s garden. Can you see the specks of colour bursting out into magnificent water lilies in the morning light?

Booklet 5: People

Watch a shoemaker at work in the workshop, pose for a portrait with the Escher family children in their nursery or let your thoughts wander with Giacometti.

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