The space-filling work comprising a total of 2,000 plaster rods is being shown again at the Kunsthaus Zürich for the first time in 20 years.

Dynamism and tension

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‘The 2000 Sculpture’ by Walter De Maria (1935–2013) is one of the largest horizontal sculptures on show indoors. It was created in 1992 for an exhibition at the Kunsthaus Zürich, when Harald Szeemann invited the artist to develop a new installation for the large exhibition gallery.

The space-filling work comprises a total of 2,000 white plaster rods each 50 cm long and 18 cm high. Despite their identical dimensions, the individual elements are different and have five, seven or nine sides. They are arranged in a uniform pattern on a surface measuring 500 square metres to create a dynamic composition of zigzag lines and diagonals. Seemingly cohesive and monumental at first glance, the work resolves itself into a plethora of visual impressions as the viewer moves around it, creating a tension between predictable regularity and individual perception.

‘The 2000 Sculpture’ was last shown at the Kunsthaus Zürich in the year 2000. We are therefore delighted to be able to present this wonderful work again at last, thanks to a generous loan from the Walter A. Bechtler Foundation.

Curated by Mirjam Varadinis

Image: Walter De Maria, The 2000 Sculpture, 1992, Kunsthaus Zürich, property of the ‘2000 Sculpture’ Foundation, 1994, photos: Nic Tenwiggenhorn, Düsseldorf, © Estate of Walter De Maria