Alexandra Bachzetsis (b. 1974) is a choreographer and visual artist who lives and works in Zurich. Her artistic practice is located at the intersection of dance, performance, visual art and theatre. Many of her works are concerned with choreographies of the body and in particular with the ways in which we appropriate gestures, modes of expression, patterns of identification and fantasies from popular culture as we constantly reinvent and define our bodies.
‘2021:Obscene’ is Alexandra Bachzetsis’s latest work, and the museum version is receiving its première at the Kunsthaus. In it, she uses performance to explore the interdependencies between the ‘scene’ (acting and staging), and the ‘obscene’. ‘2021:Obscene’ is at once exhibition and live performance. The exhibition objects serve both as projection surface for a film and as stage set. The live performances will take place at specified times in the exhibition gallery.

Ill: © Peggy June