Sketchbooks are artists’ faithful companions, in which they record every artistic idea that occurs to them. The Collection of Prints and Drawings is home to an invaluable set of examples: 67 sketchbooks belonging to Rudolf Koller and containing well over 4,000 sketches by the Swiss artist. This inexhaustible treasure-trove reflects the life’s work of a gifted draughtsman; but more than that, it is a unique record of the genesis of his most celebrated paintings.
After two years of restoration and digitization, the sketchbooks now offer our visitors an insight into the inner cosmos of Koller’s pictorial universe.

Supported by the Stiftung Familie Fehlmann, Winterthur

Ill: Rudolf Koller, Resting Lion, from: Sketchbook P 65, fol. 2, 1851–1855, Kunsthaus Zürich, 1905