The Kunsthaus is a dynamic institution: it proceeds from current issues to shed light on historic developments, and promotes art appreciation through the selection and presentation of artworks and the dissemination of learning about art.

« The Kunsthaus is committed to artistic freedom. It is independent and open to all. » — Christoph Becker, Director

The Kunsthaus is a site of knowledge production where key topics are broached and showcased in the company of the latest scholarship. In a world that is increasingly interconnected, it opens the door to other cultures. Expansion into the virtual realm presents opportunities that are grasped and exploited to the full.


Autumn 2021: opening of the extension building

The extended Kunsthaus is a gateway to the world of art, in all its rich and varied forms. It reflects and shapes contemporary trends and builds on the existing strengths that make the Kunsthaus Zürich collection unique. With a series of greatly enhanced facilities, the new Kunsthaus opens up a vibrant public space in the heart of Zurich.


Art education

At the Kunsthaus Zürich, visitors of all ages, individually and in groups, will find numerous ways to engage with art in the collection and the temporary exhibitions. Join a guided tour to learn about art-historical contexts, attend an art talk for an in-depth exploration of a topic, or let the artworks inspire you to create something of your own.

Our programme includes regular activities for children of all ages. During the school holidays, full-day workshops offer a young person’s guide to the world of art, while our kids’ clubs mix fun with a more in-depth look at art for children starting from age 3. Our programme for schools includes workshops and educational guided tours for groups from kindergarten to school-leavers.


A subscription to art

Art fosters creativity, inspires us and enlivens our senses. Become a member of the Zürcher Kunstgesellschaft and enjoy a wide range of benefits: free admission to the museum, invitations to exhibition openings and events, a 10% discount in the shop and restaurant, and much more besides.



Hire and inspire

Hold your event in unique surroundings! Our multi-purpose auditorium and the exclusive Villa Tobler are ideal venues for an unforgettable event in the heart of Zurich. Contact us to arrange a viewing.