Slider_small_Bonnard_Pierre 2.png
Pierre Bonnard, Signac et ses amis en barque, c. 1924, Kunsthaus Zürich, 1932
Slider_small_Gauguin_Paul 2.png
Paul Gauguin, La barrière, 1889, Kunsthaus Zürich, bequest of H. Hausammann, 1981
Slider_small_Gogh_Vincent-van_02 2.png
Vincent van Gogh, Cabanes blanches aux Saintes-Maries, 1888, Kunsthaus Zürich, donated by Walter Haefner, 1995
Slider_small_Monet_Claude_02 2.png
Claude Monet, Le bassin aux nymphéas, le soir, 1916/1922, Kunsthaus Zürich, gift of Emil G. Bührle, 1952
Slider_small_Matisse_Henri_02 2.png
Henri Matisse, Nature morte. Buffet et table, 1899, Kunsthaus Zürich, donated by the Holenia Trust in memory of Joseph H. Hirshhorn, with a contribution from Rolf and Margit Weinberg, 1998, © Succession Henri Matisse/2019 ProLitteris, Zurich
Slider_small_Segantini_Giovanni 2.png
Giovanni Segantini, Pascoli alpini, 1893/1894, Kunsthaus Zürich
Slider_small_Monet_Claude 2.png
Claude Monet, Le Parlement, coucher de soleil, 1904, Kunsthaus Zürich, donated by Walter Haefner, 1995
Slider_small_Seurat_Georges 2.png
Georges Seurat, Le jardinier, c. 1882, Kunsthaus Zürich, donated by Walter Haefner, 1974
Slider_small_Velde_Henry_van 2.png
Henry van der Velde, Plage de Blankenberghe, 1888, Kunsthaus Zürich, 1964
Slider_small_Vuillard_Edouard 2.png
Edouard Vuillard, Le Grand Intérieur aux six personnages, 1897, Kunsthaus Zürich, 1966

Manet’s unique water-lily paintings are a particular highlight, a testimony to his vision of a novel, ‘all-over’ painting that exploits the entire surface of the vast panel. Also well represented is the art of the ‘Nabis’ Bonnard and Vuillard, which proved especially popular in Switzerland when it first emerged. Important pieces by pioneering Post-Impressionists such as Gauguin, Cézanne and van Gogh prepare the ground for the artistic upheavals of the early 1900s.

« The Kunsthaus and the Bührle Collection are bringing their holdings together under one roof to create one of the biggest Impressionist collections anywhere in the world – right here in Zurich. » — Philippe Büttner, Collection Curator

When these works are joined by the Bührle Collection in the expanded Kunsthaus, the presentation will be the only one of its rank in Europe where visitors can experience, in a single place, the influence of Monet, Cézanne and others on the modern art that followed them.

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