Extraordinary #letsmuseeum team afternoon

Information and booking

13.30–17.30 h
Language: English, Swiss-German, German

Package price per team: CHF 2ʼ600 plus VAT (for 10 persons; incl. museum admission; excl. catering; each additional person: CHF 180)

Information about the workshop: caroline@letsmuseeum.com

Appointment requests and booking: alex.hefter@kunsthaus.ch

Art irritates, stimulates, creates new perspectives and questions the existing. In combination with playful modules, we find individual access to art through everyday themes at the beginning of the Kunsthaus Zürich collection. There is laughter and reflection. This creates authentic moments of inspiration. Then we look for our own personal experiences, opinions and views in art and share them with the others. Subsequently, we deal with the resulting spontaneous insights together. Stimulated, touched and inspired by all these impressions, a common team resolution results from all this, which can be implemented in everyday work.

This afternoon is an extraordinary team-bonding activity, because the work colleagues learn things from each other that they would otherwise not tell each other during the coffee break and learn to adopt completely new perspectives - inspired by all kinds of art movements and epochs.

If desired, we can incorporate a concept that is currently on the team's mind (a corporate value, a project theme, a purpose...). In doing so, the individual approaches and views of the team members are revealed, which promotes a joint discussion.

A collaboration with #letsmuseeum www.letsmuseeum.com


Speaker Caroline Schlüter

Caroline Schlüter is the managing director and owner of #letsmuseeum and leads the team afternoon with a lot of experience, energy and sensitivity. She founded #letsmuseeum in 2017 with the aim of establishing "emotional storytelling" in traditional knowledge transfer - in other words, she is committed to feeding not only the head, but also the heart and stomach. She and her team have developed entertaining educational formats for many museums, from classic tours to audio guides and games. She has a sound knowledge of communication and, in addition to a Master's degree, also has a coaching qualification.