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What do we stand for and what makes us a successful team? What are our roles and strengths within the team and how can we make even better use of the available potential? How can we generate energy, passion, a positive working environment and trust in our day-to-day work together? How can we improve communication within the team and reinforce our sense of belonging?

You’ll examine these and other questions during your day exploring team building at the Kunsthaus. Teams that work well and have a clear sense of where their strengths lie are vital to successful, vibrant, learning organizations. You’ll experience how engaging in-depth with art can provide some surprising answers and inspiring insights on subjects such as collaboration, allocating roles within the team, and defining your place within the company.

The world of creative images you’ll find at the Kunsthaus will help you identify what you stand for as a team and how a group of people brought together by chance can be moulded into a team that really delivers results. The tried and tested format builds on the power of outstanding artworks like those at the Kunsthaus to get an intensive team dialogue going – quickly and easily. The focus will be on both material factors (work processes and goal orientation) and relationship factors (responsibility, conflict resolution, cohesion).

Speaker Jörg Reckhenrich is an artist, certified systemic consultant and business coach. He combines his passion for art with the latest approaches derived from positive psychology. His work with companies focuses on business issues of strategic orientation, innovation, management and leadership. He teaches at various business schools including CEIBS in Zurich and is a member of the Advisory Council for the HR degree programme at the Quadriga University of Applied Sciences Berlin. He is also a member of the BMW Foundation Responsible Leaders Network.

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