Architectural guided tours

In our ‘Chipperfield’ tour of the building you’ll learn all about the extension and its star architect’s vision.

Together with the existing Kunsthaus building it constitute Switzerland’s largest art museum. The extension is due to be opened in autumn 2021. The project will be distinguished by four core elements: its focus on art of the 1960s and later, the Emil Bührle Collection, medium-sized temporary exhibitions, and its central entrance hall, a new form of public space in which to experience art.

The New Kunsthaus is a gateway to the world of art, in all its rich and varied forms. It reflects and shapes contemporary trends and builds on the existing strengths that make the Kunsthaus Zürich collection unique. With a series of greatly enhanced facilities, it opens up a vibrant public space in the heart of Zurich.

Showing art in a dynamic context

The extension will enhance the Kunsthaus Zürich’s focus on art of the 1960s and later, in all of its abundant significance and complex contingency. The finished project will demonstrate parallel techniques within discrete epochs of artistic production, and how the genres of painting, graphic arts, sculpture, photography and new media interrelate. Traditionally proportioned galleries are also planned for showing paintings of the 19th century and works of Classical Modernism.

Rückbau auf dem Kantonsschulareal.jpg
Demolition on the cantonal school grounds 2015, photo © Amt für Städtebau, Juliet Haller
Construction pit 2016, photo © Amt für Städtebau, Juliet Haller
Bau Stand Januar 2017.jpg
Construction stage 2017, photo © Amt für Städtebau, Juliet Haller
Zustand Ende 2017 .jpg
Status end 2017, photo © Amt für Städtebau, Juliet Haller
Erweiterung Kunsthaus Baustelle
March 2018, photo © Amt für Städtebau, Juliet Haller
Photovoltaik und Oberlichter.JPG
Photovoltaics and skylights 2019, photo © Amt für Städtebau, Juliet Haller
Kunsthaus extension 2020

Background and facts

Detailed information about the idea, form and content of the extension can be found in our brochure on the new Kunsthaus. The chronology describes all the key stages in the project, from the competition through the start of construction to completion. See what happened on the construction site in our time-lapse video.

Idea, Form, Content (PDF)

Chronicle (PDF)

To the time-lapse video

One of a kind: French Impressionism

The assimilation of the Emil Bührle Collection into the buildings and organization of the Kunsthaus is a unique opportunity and a quantum leap for the collection, making the Kunsthaus the best place outside Paris to explore the hugely popular topic of French painting

The largest art museum in Switzerland

The extension will provide space to show 20 percent of the Kunsthaus collection, fully twice that available at present. It will make the Kunsthaus Zürich the largest and most dynamic art museum in Switzerland. Thanks to the extraordinary commitment shown by the Zürcher Kunstgesellschaft, half of the construction costs are to be met from private sources. The City and Canton of Zurich are responsible for the remaining half.