Joint fun with the children's audio guide

Available free of charge

For children from 5 to 12 years!

In the Chipperfield Building Cashdesk/Infopoint
In the Moser Building Cashdesk/Infopoint

With the children's audio guide, your child will dive into the world of artists. There is much to discover. We tell stories about the paintings and sculptures and many riddles are waiting to be solved. The children are encouraged to observe carefully and to think about art on their own or to discuss it with the accompanying person. Depending on the age, it makes sense for the accompanying person to have an audio guide as well, quite apart from the fact that discovering together is more fun. For some works, there are also suggestions to draw and design something yourself. Painting materials, paper and pens can be borrowed for this purpose. A visit to the Kunsthaus is not enough to discover the more than 90 works of art. Choose what your child likes or what arouses his or her curiosity and come back soon.

The works of the children audioguide can be recognised by the penguin sign